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Raise your hand if you started January on a healthier note, or at least promised yourself to eat healthier.🙌🏻

People sometimes think that eating healthier means that food has to be blend, boring and tasteless but I want to prove and show the opposite with this beautiful loaf of Russian Rye bread (aka Black bread).

Rye bread has high amount of fiber, protein and iron, it has a small amount of fat, and has a lower glycemic index, which means it causes a slower increase in blood sugar than white bread after being eaten. This makes rye a healthy option. Rye contains gluten, but less than wheat.

Today for my beautiful Russian Rye loaf I am using an equal amounts of Grainworks organic rye flour and Grainworks organic unbleached flour. Grainworks carefully mills their farm-grown, Certified Organic Rye. It produces moist, dense, flavourful bread. The quality of the flour is impeccable and it’s so pleasant to work with a high quality organic ingredient to get a better, tastier and healthier results.

To order from Grainworks, visit their website at

I highly recommend making this bread. I’m using my mom’s recipe today, which we have both used for many years. I sure hope it will become your family’s favourite as well.

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