Puff Pastry Plum Plait.

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Plums are in season and that’s an exciting news to me. When the season arrives I buy buckets full of prune plums. Not only I enjoy eating them but I also bake a lot with them, I just really love that sourness that come out in plum desserts , I love the texture and flavor when plums are baked, I love so many things about it. And when I end up having way too many plums, I freeze them. Plums freeze really well.

I have already shared my family’s favorite plum pie recipe before. I am talking about My family’s favourite plum pie. it’s one of the easiest recipes to follow and the results exceeds all the expectations! If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it, it’s really delicious. 

So today I have another quick and easy to follow recipe using prune plums and puff pastry. Let’s bake Puff Pastry Plum Plait.

Make your own puff pastry if you are a hero- that’s what I think of those amazing home bakers who make puff pastry from scratch! Or you can cheat and use a store bought puff pastry for this recipe. It’s a rustic homemade baking, so let’s keep it simple. 

Ingredients. For this recipe you will need just a few basic ingredients : prune plums, sugar, cinnamon, an egg for an egg wash and powdered sugar as a final touch. 

Puff pastry. I use a package with 2 sheets of puff pastry, they sheets are a perfect size for a plait like this, as it doesn’t require additional rolling.

Prune Plums. I list flour in the list of ingredients as an option. If plums are too ripe I suggest dusting them with flour to avoid filling becoming way too liquids which isn’t a good idea for a puff pastry dessert.

Sweetness Use more sugar for filling if you have a sweeter tooth. Since the plaits aren’t too sweet, dust plaits generously with powdered sugar after cooling them off. 

Refrigerating. Puff pastry plum plaits taste best within a day. Cover leftovers with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Use within 2 days.

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