Matcha White Chocolate Truffles.

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Do you like making homemade candy? While it might sound quite hard, time consuming and even intimidating, many homemade candy are actually easy to make, they taste better and are a way healthier alternative to any store bought candy.

I love making homemade truffles, while I do make them often throughout the year, my busiest truffle making time is around Christmas time when I roll out dozens of various truffles for presents. But when I make truffles for my family I usually make double or even a triple batch and keep extras in an airtight container in the freezer, so when we have a quick sweet crave , these extras come in handy.

Today I am excited to share one of my personal favorite recipe for the Matcha White Chocolate Truffles.

Matcha green tea is high in antioxidants, which some suggests to help lower the risk of strokes, heart disease and anxiety. So together with a lot of health benefits matcha is ideal for baking and is super flavorful. I absolutely adore using matcha powder in baking and already shared a few of my “Go to” matcha recipes before. Take a look at these incredible Matcha Amaretti cookies. or these gooey Matcha green tea squares with white chocolate chunks.

Matcha White Chocolate Truffles are easy to make, you can even prepare matcha chocolate in advance and shape truffles days later! Bitter matcha powder and sweet white chocolate pair amazingly well here, these truffles are smooth and fudgy and taste so good just as is or with a cup of black coffee in the morning. And should I even mention how beautiful they look?

Matcha White Chocolate Truffles are pretty easy to make. Just follow the simple steps listed below and you will get perfectly irresistible, delicious homemade truffles that will make your taste buds sing.

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