No bake Cherry Cheesecake.

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After taking a much needed little brake to celebrate my birthday, I am back with an easy No bake Cheesecake recipe.

Summer is here , or at least I hope that’s the case with majority of other countries, it’s not that hot here in BC yet, but we are looking forward to beautiful sunny days. And hot weather calls for chilled drinks, lighter food and chilled desserts too. I frankly never look forward to be spending hours in a hot kitchen in summertime, but what I always look forward to is a dessert, and a very good one. So what I am saying is: Hot weather is not an excuse to not make a yummy dessert!

That is when No bake dessert is a great find. No bake desserts are not only refreshing and indulgent but also they are easier and usually faster to make. Whipped in about 30 minutes, no bake cheesecake is a great last minute dessert idea.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is made with delicious sour cherry filling, which can be made a week in a advance and stored refrigerated in an airtight container. It potentially can be kept refrigerated for longer, but believe my experience, it never lasts that long, we all happily gobble it up with crepes or pancakes each time I prepare a new batch.

So…. going back to my no bake cheesecake. Prepare the filling in advance if possible ( also make a much bigger batch)! If you don’t have the cherry filling premade, as an option, use fresh sliced fruit, though the cheesecakes wont be so flavorful in my opinion. Another option is to prepare the filling the same day and cool it off fast using an ice bath!

Serve the no bake cheesecakes in cute little jars, glass, or even bowls! I prefer serving this dessert glass containers, for that it reveals those beautiful multicolored, happy looking layers, but its completely up to you!

My version of cheesecake crust requires 2 types of cracker. I find that a mix of sweet Graham cracker with salty crackers, like Ritz pairs beautifully together and bring the sweetness down significantly. Again, its totally optional, and if its not something that you think you would like, no worries, easily substitute the amount of salty crackers listed in the recipe for the same amount of Graham cracker.

Let me know in the comment below if you made my No bake cheesecake in a jar and what you liked about it. Have fun!

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