Cottage cheese cookies with coconut filling.

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It’s December 1st, Christmas is just around the corner( How is it an end of the year already? )
For me, just like for majority of you my dear friends, December is the craziest, busiest and at the same time most exciting month. As I baker I also add hours and hours of standing in the kitchen creating some sweet magic, baking, making no baked treats, making chocolate truffles, going though incredible amount of flour, tons of sugar, dozens of eggs loads and loads of chocolate, etc. etc…😀😍 On top of December orders , I also bake for friends and family, gifting a box of Olga’s confections is a tradition of mine.

I’m starting my baking craze with one of my favorites ( and I have many)

Let me introduce you to soft, tasty, soul hugging Cottage cheese cookies with coconut filling. Cottage cheese makes the dough incredibly soft and flavorful, it creates layers, the texture somewhat reminds me of croissant , and coconut filling became an extra yummy addition to this incredible deliciousness. Even though I made these cookies just yesterday we gobbled them up within hours, they are that addictive 🤩🤤

If you want to try something new and scrumptious this season, oh and also quick and easy too 😉check out my recipe below. Happy baking!!

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