Chili Pepper Chocolate Cookie Sandwich with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting.

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These Chili Pepper Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches are a chocolate lovers dream come true. Soft and delicious, they have an unusual little twist, I’ve decided to elevate and enhance the flavor by adding hot chili powder to the cookie batter. Some might consider it to be a weird choice, but chocolate and chili pepper is one the best combinations ever. By combining these two ingredients together, they create more deep and rich flavor.

This recipe might seem a bit long with multiple steps, and of course baking just hot chili pepper chocolate cookies itself are a great option, they would taste great on its own, they are soft, full of flavor, unusual and rich. But why not create something more extraordinary than just a cookie? The recipe seems long, but don’t let this long recipe intimidate you, it’s not too complex, especially if you plan and prepare the ingredients in advance.

Try making these cookie sandwiches with caramel and without! Caramel in the center of this cookie sandwich adds extra sweetness and chewiness. Caramel needs to be prepared in advance, so for example, why not to make a whole batch of caramel and enjoy it with crepes, on ice cream, or eat it with a spoon, but don’t forget to leave some for the hot chili pepper sandwiches! 

I usually make these cookie sandwiches with whipped cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I am a huge fan of cinnamon, and this spice here adds such a nice touch to these already delicious cookie sandwiches.

The recipe I am providing below, makes a nice, generous batch of cinnamon frosting, so don’t be shy and pipe your cookies generously! 

Also, if time is an issue, and you can’t spend couple hours baking, it happens to us all, feel free to prepare this cinnamon frosting in advance! it can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 -3 days.

Just take the frosting out of the fridge an hour prior to assembly and let it sit at room temperature until its soft enough to pipe.

Ready to bake with me? Please follow the recipe closely, if having questions, I am here to help.

Happy baking!

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