Chocolate tart with pecan caramel filling. My favourite salted caramel recipe.

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Happy Friday. Today I am showing you the decadent, smooth, rich and absolutely mouth watering chocolate tarts with a nice big layer of salted caramel pecan filling, topped with dark chocolate ganache.

If you know a little bit about me, you probably already know that I am a fan of caramel. No I am a huge fan of it to be honest. I always say: if there is one thing I could eat always and forever that would be caramel.

In search of a great caramel recipe I tried way too many variations , I admit- I am very picky about it. Some recipes were a total failure, but often it was either too runny, or way too buttery with a thick greasy layer once cooled off. I was having ups and downs until I found the best recipe (in my humble opinion) that works all the time for me. This caramel has the right consistency, it has a beautiful amber colour, small amount of sea salt added to it enhances its flavour, and it is just so tasty, so smooth that chances are -you’ll be eating it straight from a jar with a big spoon.

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