Almond Sponge Cake.

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The weather In British Columbia have been unusually cold this spring. Since there is hardly any sun, I thought that something bright and delicate, like this fluffy Almond flour sponge cake would cheer everyone up, and bring that extra freshness and lightness to our table this weekend.

This Almond flour sponge cake is one of those cakes I bake often, it doesn’t require extra tools during baking, or advanced baking skill. This Almond sponge cake has a wonderful fresh nutty flavor, it is made with almond flour, which makes it gluten free, it stays fresh for several days, it is light, fluffy and so delicious!

I can also name a few different ways to serve this cake: soak each cake with syrup and use it to make a trifle, simply dust it with powdered sugar, add a few berries,and enjoy it as is, make your favorite frosting, like for example my Strawberry frosting and make it into a wonderful layered cake. The one thing is that no matter how this cake is served, it is simply irresistible.

The “hardest” part while baking this cake, in my opinion, would probably be separating egg whites form egg yolks, whisking them up separately and folding those fluffy egg whites into the cake batter. Important thing to always remember while making this cake batter is to be patient, use spatula, while folding those egg whites into the batter, and folding the egg whites slowly and gently. This really is the key to success, the cake simply won’t ever deflate, and would have a beautiful crumb.

I hope you will enjoy this wonderful fresh cake. Please make sure to read the recipe couple times, if there is any question, please feel free to rich out. Use the form below

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I am always happy to answer any of your questions. Have fun and enjoy baking!

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