No bake chocolate and Dulce de Leche cups.

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Hello friends. Let’s take a little brake from all the fabulous and spooky Halloween treats and instead make a super easy, super tasty, very fast and easy, oh and not to forget to mention: a no bake dessert. Let’s make No bake chocolate and Dulce de Leche cups.

These no bake chocolate cups will take you no more than an hour to make, they are decadent and easy to make, they will satisfy your sweet cravings easily, they are a bit more healthy alternative to rich desserts, and what’s cool is that kids love them too, even though there are oats in these cups.

If after looking at these beautiful and delicious chocolate cups filled with yummy Dulce de Leche all you can think of is them, then don’t hesitate and make these treats right away, they are so delicious, and did I mention easy to make?

Let me know what you think, I always love hearing back from you!

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