Hot Dog Buns( Softest)

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Have you ever made fresh Hot Dog buns from scratch? Trust me, when I say that no other store bought Hot dog bun can even slightly compare to softest, fluffiest, delicioest ( is this even a word?) Bun which I am about to show you today.

I try to avoid words like “Best ever”, or “The best” or “The one and only” when I write my recipes, because i know for a fact that there’s so many fantastic, great, delicious and successful recipes out there. With this recipe, I humbly add this time that these Hot Dog Buns are Softest! You have to trust my taste here ( not to forget a very picky taste of my boys) and of course you have to give this recipe a try, and you will see for yourself- these Buns are incredibly soft. I want to hope that after you taste them, store bought soggy Hot Dog buns are going to be forgotten forever.

Like with every recipe which involves yeast , it takes time and patience to make these Hot Dog Buns, but it is so worth it. Your family will be in awe when they see a baking sheet full of yummiest buns which you juts took out of the oven. These Buns take a bring, simple Hot Dog to a totally different level!

Before you start, please read a recipe carefully, make sure you have all the ingredients ready and most importantly have fun creating these softest wonderful Buns. Enjoy!

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