Curled buns with strawberry jam.

Its been uncomfortably cool and dull these past few days, and days like that call for something comfy, warm, inviting and appetizing, besides it’s the end of the busy week and it’s time to spoil my loved ones and myself too with some baking.

The jar of strawberry jam been sitting lonely and unopened for about a month, since the day when “someone” 👦🏼 bagged me to buy it and promised to eat it each day with the pancakes. And since there is hardly any chance for this jam to be eaten I’ve decided that it would be a better idea to turn it into something more exciting and flavoursome, I came up with an idea to make these lovely looking Curled buns with strawberry jam.

Flavorful, beautiful, appetizing and delicious, they became a big hit in my family.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Enjoy the weekend, may it be happy and cheerful.Xx

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