Cottage cheese stuffed crepes.

Sweet cottage cheese stuffed crepes. Made these crepes using my vanilla crepe recipe and stuffed with cottage cheese that I just mixed up with sugar and vanilla essence and pulsed in the food processor for a creamy texture. These crepes are perfect for breakfast or dinner, or lunch… yes they are good anytime 😜My favourite way to eat them is warming them up in the frying pan with a good amount of butter until the crepes are golden brown and slightly crispy and serve them with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yoghurt 😋🤩👍🏻

This really is the type of food that is so dear to me. If I was a food, I’d definitely be a sweet crepe 😆. My mommy was always making super tasty stuffed crepes, my sister makes crepes that are to die for, so love for crepes runs in my family. I’ve mentioned before that my family eats crepes pretty much on daily basis. My boys are so obsessed with crepes that this mama literally had made crepes bazillion times within the past few years 🤩🤣 I think I’m getting a bit tired…Don’t get me wrong, I adore crepes, they are truly incredible, sweet or savoury, there’s so many different options you can serve them with, I know of at least couple dozen ways. I just want my kids to be more adventurous with their food, my little crepe aficionados always ask and prefer crepes with Nutella to any other variety. What about your family, what breakfast do you make on repeat ? 

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