Vanilla crepe

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Breakfasts are very important in our house. Our boys usually wake up very hungry, and love eating their breakfast pretty much within half an hour after they wake up, otherwise everyone gets kinda grumpy. So breakfasts are a huge thing in our house, having said that, variety is not a huge thing at all. Boys love crepes. They love them so much that they’ve been literally eating them for the past 3 years daily. I think I can count on my fingers those days when they eat something different.
Luckily for me, crepes are so versatile that I can serve them in couple dozen different ways.

For Christmas morning breakfast I made something really special this time – I elevated my basic crepe batter to the next level and made crepe Suzette with thick orange sauce and caramelized orange slices. A dessert that is truly incredible and will make your taste buds sing.
I would love to share my basic crepe batter recipe with you today, and I am hoping that you get very adventurous and find your perfect crepe pairing, and who knows, maybe even many more than just one.

So as you see the recipe is really simple, once you make a few batches, making the right batter consistency that works for you will become really easy. Enjoy! 

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