Very Chocolaty Chocolate Pancakes.

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Happy Friday my friends, are having big plans for this Valentine’s Day?

We don’t go overboard and we don’t buy expensive gifts. We love and show appreciation for each other every day, not just once a year, we care about each other and we make sure to show how much we care every moment of our lives, I think that’s already a gift big enough♥️♥️
If we don’t exchange presents, it doesn’t mean that we don’t do something special for each other, I for example love gifting my family with sweet and delicious treats, one of my ways to show my family how much I love them is through food.

I’m planning to make this Valentine’s Day weekend extra sweet and delicious for my 3 incredible men in my life, whom I adore, cherish and love unconditionally, my men hold a key to my heart.
We all are a huge crepe/ pancake lover. Crepes is the most cooked breakfast in my house, and it’s been like this for many years. While I’m most of the days cook crepes, we all don’t mind mixing in some new foods into our repertoire.

This weekend I’m going to treat my loved ones, and myself of course to these extra Chocolaty Chocolate pancakes. They are Extra special, Extra fluffy, Extra chocolaty, Extra yummy and just Extraordinary.
If you want to make something special for the people you love, and haven’t decided what to make yet, treat them to these special Chocolatey Chocolate Pancakes for breakfast, they deserve it!

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