Vanilla cupcakes with lime curd.

I mostly bake cupcakes for parties, as they are such a perfect birthday treat, especially for little ones. I don’t think of a cupcake as a after dinner dessert or enjoying it in the morning with my coffee. But maybe, just maybe I should bake them more often because the cupcakes I’m showing you today are perfect little awesome bites of flavour, and the happiness starts once you taste one. I consider these to be little party starters, just one small and messy bite leads immediately to a little celebration. And, since it’s a cupcake, you can feel good about having just one. A perfect instant party with everyone who’s around.

These ones have a special flavour, similar to lime pie. The cupcake is very moist and delicious vanilla, filled with an intense lime creme giving it a strong and sweet citrus flavour. On top is the fluffy sweet meringue, torched to make it beautiful, and this adds more creamy texture. All together a delightful intense bite of flavour that leaves you feeling happy.

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