Sweet Salami.

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I love salami. Ever since I was little, salami was my most favourite treat. I don’t think there was any other sausage that I loved more. I carried the love for salami throughout the years, and even when I was carrying my first son, my “crazy diet” consisted of a LOT of salami. (dr: “What are you eating?” Me: “salami” dr: “and?” me: “salami” dr: “anything else?” me: “no” dr: “ok, maybe some other food would be good.”) No wonder that salami in a form of a dessert is a treat that I enjoy eating immensely on occasion.

Have you ever heard of sweet salami? Despite its name, this dessert has no meat in it and is called salami because of its resemblance to the sausage. Made of biscuits, nuts, cocoa powder, butter and milk, this treat couldn’t be easier to make. This salami is truly a scrumptious, easy to make treat which doesn’t require baking, you can make it ahead and store it in the freezer for several months. How awesome is that?! Making extra is always a perfect idea when it comes to this dessert, as it’s devoured within minutes.

Interesting fact but only a few years ago I found out that sweet salami is actually a famous Italian and Portuguese dessert. Before that I was certain that sweet salami is a Soviet/ Russian “invention”. Unlike its foreign cousins, Russian version of this sweet treat doesn’t include eggs in the recipe.

If you would like to learn how to make this interesting dessert,scroll down, I’m sharing the recipe today that I’ve been using for decades.
If you make it, show me your sweet creations, I always love seeing how beautiful they are!

When styling these photos, I wanted to create a resemblance of an old small store counter, where there is a little bit of everything on top, and the first thing you see when you walk in is salami hanging in the back. I hope my photos will put a smile on your face!

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