Sweet cakes with a funny name

Before shooting my desserts, I think of an association , what does this particular dessert mean to me personally, what memories does it awake. I went down a memory lane to find a chocolate dessert that I loved unconditionally when I was a child. This particular pastry brought so many vivid memories back, a dessert with a funny name Potato ( for obvious reasons) . 
I wanted to show you a piece of my childhood memory: I recreated a specific scene as close as possible, just how I remember it : a table in a summer house where my family used to live when I was a child. We would make this scrumptious dessert on repeat, as it couldn’t get any easier: chocolate cookie crumb mixed with whipped condensed milk and butter, rolled and shaped like a potato and coated with cocoa powder! 😋Honestly, there was nothing more tasty, more comfy and more memorable than this. 
This to me is what I adore about chocolate, this is how my love for chocolate actually started♥️😍

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