Cinnamon Buns with US grown pecans, raisins and orange cream cheese frosting.

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Hello friends, I am absolutely excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with a company that represents over 40 US trade association that offer an incredible selection of great quality produce available in Canada throughout the year. 
For my recipe today, I really wanted to showcase not one but 3 different products, products that are an essential part of my everyday cooking, these are also products that are grown in the USA and are brought to Canadian market to compliment incredible produce grown locally by our neighbours to the South.

  As a baker, I use fruits and berries in my kitchen daily, but I also like to substitute fresh produce for dried fruits and nuts. I always make sure to have essentials pantry staples, such as US grown pecans and raisins. I am grateful and fortunate to have access to sustainable options from the States all year round.

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I hear about cinnamon buns, I get huge cravings. This is one those bakes that makes me happy and cozy, it makes me think of home. There are probably hundreds of different recipes around, and I’m sure each baker has its own foolproof dough recipe. But what I’m sharing with you today is more than just a simple Cinnamon Bun recipe. I’ve elevated this by adding sun-dried Californian raisins, chopped pecans and orange. To explain in just a few words how delicious these buns are is simply impossible.

You have to experience the taste yourself. A dough that is soft as a pillow, with a hint of orange zest, that brings incredible aroma to your kitchen, the crunchiness of chopped pecans and softness of naturally sweetened raisins. If this doesn’t sounds dreamy enough, my silky orange cream cheese frosting to glaze these buns will make you fall in love with them. Are you ready to make my soft Cinnamon buns with US grown pecans, raisins and orange cream cheese frosting?

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