Quick and Easy Sprinkled Cake with Grated apples.

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Interesting recipe alert. I was looking through an old cook book that my mom had for more than 30 years and came across an interesting recipe for layered cake with grated apples. In the book this cake is called Hungarian Cake, I tried to find a similar recipe online, to figure out whether it’s authentic or not but I could find anything like it. While Hungarian apple cakes are made with grated apple, the dough and method of cooking is absolutely different. I don’t feel comfortable calling it a Hungarian cake, instead let’s call it Quick and Easy Sprinkled Cake with Grated apples. You might ask why sprinkled?

Well that’s because you literally sprinkle layers on the baking form! Are you already intrigued? You should be, and here’s why.

This cake is weird in a best possible way, I mean it blew my mind off with its simplicity, texture and flavour. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything similar to it before. While it might be better to make it during apple season, we luckily have access to apples all year long, so why wait? To make this cake we will use just a few ingredients, no whipping, no kneading and the only “time consuming” work you’ll need to do is to grate apples.

The cake itself has a wonderful crispy top, but it’s very moist inside and while you’d think that grated apples would be overcooked and turn into mush while baking , they surprisingly stay kind of fresh and very juicy.

This cake is like no other, it’s cooked but it’s fresh, it’s easy to make,it’s not time consuming, and what’s important is that it’s very tasty and very different. I would highly recommend to make it at least ones and if you do, tell me know your opinion on this one. Let’s bake!

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