No bake chocolate espresso cheesecake.

My whole week was like a blur. We had an extreme heat here in British Columbia, the temperature soared to +45C. I don’t recall experiencing temperatures like this ever. Right in the middle of this hot spell, our A/C just died on us. Living in a hot house was unbearable, we were “living” in our pool. that was somehow keeping us cool.

I’ve attempted to make bagels one early morning, but the dough got sour within 20 minutes and it all went to wast.

I was co-hosting an Instagram chocolate challenge, so I myself decided to create something extra special to show my appreciation to everyone involved and our talented contestants who inspired me greatly during this week . Since baking was not even an option, I created this no bake chocolate espresso cheesecake, it has a sinful amount of chocolate, a good amount of espresso powder that brings up the flavour a notch and irresistibly smooth and silky consistency. A dream of every chocoholic let me tell you.

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