Napoleon cake

Napoleon cake aka mille-feuille or custard slice. The cake was originally called mille-feuille- which translates as “thousand layers” from French. It was brought to Russia in the early 19th century and ever since it became one of the most baked and beloved cakes in Russia, and major part of Eastern Europe.

This cake features individually baked buttery flaky layers, big portions of luscious vanilla custard that is evenly spread between each layer. Once the cake is assembled it is traditionally coated in leftover cake crumbs.

This cake is my sweet love ❤️ No other cakes associates with my happy childhood as much as Napoleon. It was my very first cake I ever baked, when I was just a little girl. Even now many years and way too many different desserts later I bake it often for my family, as a sweet present for dear friends or just because it is too delicious. It never gets old, it always is very special, soul satisfying and heavenly delicious.

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