Nalysnyky (sweet rolled up crepes)

We like crepes in our family. No we don’t like, we LOVE crepes in our family. We love them so much in fact that 6 out of 7 my mornings of the week start with me making crepes. Isn’t it love?
It started 3 years ago when my sister came all the way from Ukraine to visit us. I think she’s a Queen of crepe and is well known for her mind blowing, mouthwatering crepes.

My boys fell in love with crepes thanks to my sister. When she came over with the visit, she made her first batch, and ever since crepes are us!

I should say that crepes always had been special in our family, mom used to make mountains of beautiful golden crepes quite often, to make them faster she would use two pans at once, we would sometimes sneak behind her while she wasn’t watching and we’d snatch few crepes. Mom would pretend she had no idea what is going on and would wonder why the stash is disappearing faster than she’d make them.

These weekend I spoiled my boys with these scrumptious sweet rolled up crepes called Nalysnyky. They are filled with cottage cheese that is mixed with sugar, vanilla and egg yolk. I also had some fresh cherries and I made a quick jam. And the best way of eating these yummy things is to gently fry them with lots of butter until they are crispy, golden brown and add a good amount of sour cream on top — it is a heaven on a plate♥️👌🏻😋♥️

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