Mushroom cookies

At first I wanted to tell you a story about me going to the nearby forest and foraging these mushrooms, but it’s no longer April fools day, nor is it mushroom season. These cute mushrooms aren’t real, they are sweet cookies baked by me. I did manage to trick my boys though, you should’ve seen their faces when I told them that they can eat these mushrooms raw 😂

These shortbread mushroom cookies are yet another childhood treat that is so dear to me. We didn’t bake them at home, as we didn’t have a special heavy duty aluminum mold which they are supposed to be baked in, but I do remember loving them and eating them quite often when I was growing up.
These mushrooms more than anything remind me of the time when my parents would take me mushroom foraging. They have a great knowledge of mushrooms and are experienced foragers, they continue to enjoy doing that even now, and they always look forward to those few weeks during the autumn season to be in the forest picking mushrooms. My parents loved taking me with them because I was tiny, so I was my parents “eyes” in the forest, and it was really easy for me to spot all those wonderful mushrooms hidden in the grass and under the leaves.

Just like back then, when I was little, I don’t own that special mold either, so these cookies had to be shaped by hand. They do require lots of time and effort to make, I’m not going to lie. It starts from shaping dough for stems and then the cups so that they can be baked separately, covering stems the royal icing, drying them, “gluing” cups and stems together with icing, drying them again and then finally carefully dipping the cups in tempered chocolate to dry them for the final time. But in all honesty that whole day, which I spent making these mushroom cookies was rewarded with huge smiles and many thumbs up. Besides these cookies are super tasty, adorable, and they look very realistic. What do you all think?

Also I would like to say :”Happy Friday my dear friends and Happy Easter”! 

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