Mulled Wine.

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Happy Friday my dears. It’s a Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and I’m being excitedly busy in the kitchen getting prepared for a Thanksgiving celebration. We never do traditional dinners but rather a fusion of our favorites, with a roasted duck with apples being a “star” of a show 😃 And since our dinner is far from being traditional, the choice of drinks is of course not that common either.
So today I’m so happy and excited to share one of my favorites, my go-to recipe of a Mulled wine! 

A mulled wine also known as spiced wine is a beverage made with red wine and fragrant spices. According to some historical documents, mulled wine was created by Romans back in second century. They were heating red wine to keep themselves warm during cold winter months. Spiced pr mulled wine is a traditional drink in many European countries, it is mostly consumed during Christmas holidays, and colder autumn months.

I know, I know Mulled Wine it is NOT my typical dessert recipe, in fact I’ve never even posted a photo of a beverage before BUT there’s a few reasons why I’m braking my own rules today:

A)I’m taking part in a fun collab #favoritefallspice and I really wanted to try and photograph something new. Since this collab is all about spices, a beverage like this features some of my favourite fall spices like cloves, star anise, cinnamon and ginger.
B) My mulled wine is so fragrant, so aromatic and warm that it can be considered a dessert drink 😉😉

C) With days getting colder this drink is a perfect treat that would warm you from head to toes!

D)Mulled wine is not a common drink here in North America, and I’m hoping one day it’ll become one of the holiday favorite for many of you . It is a must try if you ask me ❤️☺️👍🏻
I hope that you’d like to try my spiced or Mulled wine!

The recipe is quick and very easy to make. Make it once, try it, and then experiment with different spices, spice ratios and your favorite garnishes too!

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