“Monastery Hut” cake

Hello August🍑🌻
Oh I love you so, but honestly, can the time just slow down please.
Even though we’ve been busy here doing so many activities, there’s still so much to do while boys are on summer holidays, and there’s so little time left before they go back to school. We had to slow down with enjoying outdoors, as our Beautiful British Columbia is burning, literally😩 There are over 240 active wildfires in the province and the air quality is extremely poor, which makes it impossible to be outdoors. We are hoping for rain, cooler weather and less wildfires 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Talking about my baking news 😁 I would like to show you a cake that I’ve made a while ago. Even though I ate this cake many times before , I never attempted to make it myself , and that’s my loss. This cake should shine on my table more often without a doubt.
This cake has an interesting name, you probably remember as I’ve mentioned before that most Ukrainian /Russian cakes has names, so this one is called a “Monastery Hut”

For this cake 12 rolls filled with cherries are being prepared and baked separately and then stacked together to resemble a big hut, hence the name. Though when this cake is cut it reminds me more of a beehive, don’t you think? it’s such a deliciousness that I don’t care how it’s called, I’ll eat it anyways whether its a hut or a beehive 😆
What do you guys think of this cake, do tell me if you like it or not❤️🤗

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