Mom’s Honey Cake aka Medovik. Updated recipe.

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Have you ever heard of a Russian honey cake or Medovik ? if you heard about it and even had it before- you know the this cake is absolutely hard to resist.
But if you don’t have any idea what I am actually talking about here, then let me try to explain how irresistible this cake is. And if interested you can make it, because I am sharing my mom’s Honey cake recipe with you.

Just imagine- thin, incredibly soft caramelized honey cake that taste like caramel, graham crackers, and dulce de leche. Did I get your attention now?
Honey cake is known in Eastern Europe for over 200 years. The legend says that a new young chef of Russian emperor’s Alexander’s I wife once decided to secretly use honey as one of the ingredients in his baking despite the fact that emperor’s wife hated honey. But once she tried a slice she was so impressed with it that ever since honey cake was an essential dessert during each feast.

I’m not going to lie- this cake requires time and patience to make, especially if you are making it for the first time. But once you try it, you will realize that it was totally worth all your efforts, and I really hope that you will be hooked forever. Honey cake is rich, but pillowy soft and light. This is one of those cakes that shouldn’t be enjoyed right away, it requires to sit in fridge overnight, so the cream soaks into the layers which softens them and turns this cake into a melt in your mouth mind blowing incredible dessert.
If you are ready to give it a try, then scroll down to find a recipe of my mom’s Honey cake!

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