Mom’s easy old fashioned crumb cake

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Many times in my previous posts I was talking about my mom’s baking. I guess many would agree that mom’s cooking is the best in the whole world, right? I am totally convinced that my mom is the BEST. I am and always was a huge fan of my mom’s cooking. She truly is amazing in the kitchen, nobody, and I really mean it, makes pork cutlets better than her, her cabbage rolls are truly to die for, her poppy seeds strudel is divine… I can go on and on, describing it, but the point is that we were always so spoiled by a huge variety of mouthwatering, finger licking foods she was feeding us with. I myself am using quite a few of her recipes, and today I would love to share yet another recipe- my mom’s old fashioned crumb cake. One of the daily traditions in my family was a teatime. Every evening, especially during winter month, we would gather around the table, mom would brew fresh black tea and we would sit around at the table drinking tea, having finger foods, which quite often was something sweet.

One of the most popular sweet treat was a crumb cake. Have you heard of a crumb cake before? If not – crumb cake is a cake made of short crust that is rolled out quite thin, it has a layer of jam or preserve and then covered with a crumb topping. This cake is one of the easiest, fastest cakes to make, it is very budget friendly, and by using different jams you can easily turn this cake into a different dessert each time. This cake is nothing less than awesome!

During Christmas holidays I love making edible presents. I find them so meaningful, they are always made with so much love, and positive thoughts! If you love handmaid presents,just as much as I do- this crumb cake would make a perfect edible gift if you cut it into squares, put it into a cute box, and add a sweet note!

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