Millionaire’s Shortbread.

Millionaire’s Shortbread also known as the chocolate caramel shortbread, as well as millionaire’s shortbread, caramel slice, caramel squares, or millionaire’s slice. The name “millionaire’s shortbread” originated in Scotland.The “millionaire” prefix to millionaire’s shortbread implies a level of decadence and wealth to the sweet treat, that it is an upgrade from regular shortbread. It could also be a reference to the caloric intake of the dessert.

This dessert consist of soft shortbread base, thick layer of caramel and delicious chocolate ganache on top. I haven’t met anyone who can resist a slice. My family couldn’t wait to taste test these bars, so I just had to give them a few slices and of course I had to have a few bites myself during the photo taking. They smell is phenomenal , and the taste is simply awesome .

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