Mango Icebox Cake

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During hot summer days we “live “ in our backyard. Fresh air, some privacy, kids splash in the water screaming and giggling from joy,we eat lots of easy to make appetizers and desserts of course. When it comes to summer desserts my family prefers something fruity, cold, light and delicious. I am sharing today my “go to” recipe for a super quick, super easy, probably one of the easiest to make desserts you’ll find and super tasty too.This dessert should be made a night before or early in the morning, as it requires chilling in the fridge for sometime, but I assure you the waiting game is so worth it. So let’s make a Mango Icebox Cake.

Icebox cake is related to trifle or Charlotte cake, made with wafers/biscuits, fruits, cream and sometimes nuts, the ingredients are layered in a dip dish and left in a fridge to set. It will take you minutes and just a few ingredients, which you most probably already have in your pantry, it requires no baking and makes a delightful soft treat during hot summer months.

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