Mango and vanilla Panna Cotta.

Long weekend is over, it was relaxing, very cozy and very very tasty, I “slightly” overdid it with my food intake, and now I’m ready to literally roll into a new week🤣🤣A very busy week, and that’s exactly how I like it. I usually feel more tired when I’m doing nothing than when I’m multitasking and working at full speed. It’s hard for me to “switch off” my mind and relax easily. So I’m ready to accept a few challenges and I’m ready to be extra busy, and when needed I’ll fuel myself up with this mango vanilla Panna Cotta.

It’s just fabulous! An ultra smooth, super flavourful “cooked” creamy version of a blender beverage, but better because with each spoon full you choose how much creamy sweetness or tangy mango flavour you want. What really made the mango taste stand out this time was the unusual flavour intensity of the perfectly ripe mangos.

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