Homemade chocolate truffles.

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Raise your hand if you like homemade chocolate truffles. I absolutely adore making homemade truffles, I can think of quite a few good reasons why making homemade chocolate truffles is fun, and here’s just a few :

1. Make a double batch, put a dozen of them into a beautiful box, tie a nice ribbon and it would make a perfect gift for your family member , or a friend .

2. Get the kids, and husband of course to join you in the kitchen to roll the truffles, lick spoon and bowl with chocolate leftovers and it would become a great weekend family tradition.

3. Can’t decide which sweets to get from the store? Make chocolate truffles at home and enjoy them daily or when you have a sweet craving.

4. Do you enjoy making everything from scratch? Perfect! You will absolutely love making these treats for your family. 

So today I’m sharing two of my most favourite easy chocolate truffles, which I make on different occasion throughout the year. Both recipes are affordable, they are super easy to make and the truffles turn out really delicious !

If you make my truffles , please share your experience with me. I would be so happy to hear the feedback. 

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