Happy Halloween

For years for Halloween I’ve been making around 50 homemade treats so my boys could share them with their classmates. Since this year is different and there’s no edible treat policy at our school, I’ve decided that making a cake for my boys before Halloween would cheer them up.
I had a cool idea and a clear picture in my head of how this cake would look like so I’ve been “itching” for a week and could hardly wait to start working on it.

So there it is, an early Halloween treat for my boys. A spooky “Witch and pumpkin cauldron cake”

This is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and dark chocolate ganache. Pumpkin cauldron cake is carved and is covered with fondant and hand painted with edible colours. Green gooey potion in witch’s cauldron is a coloured melted marshmallow, there’s a few fondant eyeballs swimming inside, there’s crushed “Oreo” mud and gummy worms, 🐛👁

Witch is made out of fondant and modelling chocolate. I absolutely adore how her face turned out and I actually think she’s adorable 😜 The only thing you can’t eat on this witch is her hair.

So what do you think, would you want a slice of a witch’s chocolate pumpkin cauldron or you’d run away screaming?🕸😱 👀👻

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