Fried Cottage cheese donuts/ balls

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Hello, hello my lovely friends. Happy Friday!I’m here with a recipe today. We all love donuts, fresh, soft, sweet and delicious. But have you ever had cottage cheese/ quark donuts? If you have tried them before, you know exactly how scrumptious they are BUT if you haven’t had them before- you will absolutely love these melt in your mouth, comforting, cozy, delicious incredible little bites of goodness 😆 you are in for an awesome treat!

When they are around, I have no control over my cravings, you can’t just pass these tasty donuts by, you’ll reach out to take yet another one. I recommend making a double batch because even my picky boys can’t get enough of them! 
I feel like a little kid that just got the most amazing toy ever. And you know why? Well that’s because I recently managed to find decent quality cottage cheese that is not salted and granulated. And that’s a huge deal for me. After all these years in Canada, I finally can make a descent dessert using cottage cheese. In Ukraine where I was born and grew up, I was so spoiled with fresh, good quality dairy products, the variety is so huge, you can buy lots of great products in supermarkets but if you want a great stuff with a big fat content(so perfect for baking) you’d go to the farmer’s market for the freshest, most tasty dairy products .

So when I found a package of cottage cheese that looked decent I wanted to scream form joy! I brought it home thinking of all these amazing desserts I’ll make, so many of them I haven’t had for years! So when I brought it home, I went numb, I put it in the fridge on the top shelf and treated it like a Ming dynasty relic 😂😂 I didn’t want spoil the dream, I couldn’t believe my luck! It took me sometime and courage to finally use it , but boy that was quite a hilarious experience.So now, when I finally have some good stuff easily accessible , I’ll be sharing more recipes with this this awesome product. But today, I’m sharing a recipe of one the favourite and easy donuts/ sweet cheese balls. They are not overly sweet, dough can be made completely without sugar but later dusted with powdered sugar. I hope you’ll give it a try, enjoy and will make them all the time. 

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