Family’s Favourite Decadent Brownies.

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“Note to self: Eat lots of chocolate when times get rough, and even more when times are great”

My friends, I hope there’s more great days in your lives!!!

It’s the end of the week, time to indulge in some extra special food, and enjoyable dessert.  I’m here again with my decadent, rich and mouthwatering brownies. I’ve already posted the recipe before  but I updated the recipe, made it printable and added new photos, i hope you’ll enjoy. Believe me, your weekend will become even greater if you have a few pieces of these brownies in each hand 😂 

To me these brownies are my guilty pleasure,the obscene chocolate fudgy brownie that blows my mind and satisfies all my sweet cravings after only a first bite.
This dessert will even convert a person with no sweet cravings into an addictive chocoholic.
It’s satisfying, it’s desirable, it’s rich, it has a divine texture, it has an alarming amount of dark chocolate and butter but it’s such a sweet delight, you’ll eat it all until the last crumb, and then you’ll fall on the couch feeling totally full and gladly fast for 2 days afterwards.

If chocolate makes your mouth watering, if you think that chocolate is love , if you believe that there is no such thing as too much chocolate, if you crave luxurious , mind blowing decadent dessert,  then you got to try my brownies! I haven’t yet met anyone who didn’t get addicted to this taste. Find the recipe below and let me know what you think!

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