Easy turnovers with homemade sour cherry and apple fillings.

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Happy Friday friends! On Fridays and during our weekends, I always try to bake and cook something more special, to spoil my family with extra delicious treats. Depending on time and my inspiration, it can be something easy and quick or something that takes many steps to prepare. Couple days ago I’ve made some puff pastry turnovers,and they were so ridiculously delicious, that we all unanimously decided that we should have them again this weekend.

So how does  Easy turnovers with homemade sour cherry and apple fillings sounds like for your weekend dessert? These turnovers couldn’t get any easier to prepare. Made with store bought puff pastry, you only will have to prepare the filling.

It is not an advertising, but this is the puff pastry I like using!

My turnovers are made with both sour cherry filling and apple filling. It’s totally up to you to decide if you would want to make both or just one type of filling, both are equally delicious and satisfying!

Sour cherry filling will take a bit longer, as it will have to be chilled prior to using. Make it in advance, and keep in the air tight container until ready to be used. I usually make couple batches in advance and then keep sour cherry filling refrigerated for up to 3 weeks and use when needed! 

The recipe seems long, but please don’t be intimidated, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to make! Happy baking! 

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