Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream.

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Ice cream is probably one the best summer treats that was ever created. I adore fresh fruits, I enjoy summer fruits in the pies, I love no bake desserts , I enjoy sipping a cold drink when it’s hot outside , but nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction than having a scoop or two of delicious sweet ice cream. And not just a store bought ice cream but an much better version -ice cream made at home! Las summer I’ve experimented quite a bit with home made ice creams, I’ve made no churn ice creams and I made ice creams with an ice cream machine too, some luckily turned out great and I make them on repeat now, while other recipes turned out to be a complete waist of time and ingredients.

 So today I will share with you the BEST chocolate ice cream I’ve ever made or tried. Of course I can’t claim that this is the best recipe among hundreds if not thousands that were already shared before, I am just simply stating that according to my family ( and they can be quite picky if you know a little about us 🤣) this chocolate ice cream is: “the most chocolaty, most delicious, most decadent, sweet and incredibly scrumptious”, and as you know little kids do tell the truth.

🥰So yes, my friends, this ice cream is truly fantastic, it will require you to use an ice cream machine, it will take some time and patience to make, but trust me the result is totally worth it, and the recipe works each time when the instructions are followed exactly. You will end up with a batch of insanely delicious decadent smooth and silky chocolate ice cream. This ice cream is not going to help you loose weight, it’s not your zero calorie healthy treat, but what this ice cream is a way better alternative to a store bought ice cream, it won’t put you into a sugar coma after first scoop, instead you will get a wonderful delicious and flavour experience that we all need from time to time. If I think of an analog to how it tastes like, I’d say: Just imagine a silky chocolate ganache but in a frozen form sounds incredible right? So don’t hesitate, make this ice cream this weekend, and do let me know how you loved it.

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