Decadent Chocolate cake.

🍾🥂✨🎊Happy New Year darlings! I hope you all had wonderful holidays full of love, good food, cheers, hugs, laughter and positivity, I hope you’ve managed to create some great memories together with your families during this holiday season ❤️❤️❤️

I’m back! After much needed break, and weird, complete loss of my energy, I’m slowly getting into my everyday routine, and I mean realllyyyyy slowlyyyyy.
Kid’s classes are postponed until the next week, so we are still on relaxing mode, and live in our pjs most of our days.
To summarize what we’ve been up to for the last couple weeks:
celebrated Christmas in the cabin in our favourite happy place,
left earlier due to the frigid cold temperatures( skiing at -30C is no bueno ), got stuck at home because of that doing nothing but eating, sleeping and doing that on repeat for over a week, unfortunately canceled our get together with friends due to my fatigue, learned to play new board games, went to movies and gained a bunch of weight … 🤪🤩😂

In other news, I’ve finally baked! 🙌🏻
I thought that a decadent chocolate cake would be very much needed and appropriate to kick start my new baking year. Nothing fancy and extra, just a good decadent chocolate sponge, chocolate cream cheese frosting and milk chocolate ganache on top🍫🍫😋

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