Cottage cheese sugar cookies.

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Hello friends, happy Tuesday. Hope everyone is doing well.

It’s the last week before my boys are back to school and while they are counting days until next Tuesday and are jumping from joy, this mama here is getting quite emotional. I always miss them so much , house feels empty and weirdly quiet, it usually takes me a good few weeks to adjust to a new schedule. But I am so happy when boys are happy.

My bake of the day  is a cottage cheese crispy cookies. They are shaped like famous palmiers but the dough is made with cottage cheese. Cottage cheese dough is one of my favourites, I got the recipe  from my mom’s cook book and use it often.

 Cottage cheese dough makes these cookies flaky, crispy and very very delicious. They are  in fact such a great delicious treat, that  when I make them my crew devoured them within hours ☺️🤩

The flavour of the cottage cheese in this dough is not super prominent, you get juts a small hint, but what it gives is that flaky consistency. What I also love about these cookies is that you can regulate the amount of sugar used to make them. We use only a few spoons of sugar for the dough itself, the rest is used while you’re shaping the dough. But If you feel like 200 grams of sugar is way to much for this batch, simply add less while shaping the dough.

I hope you’ll give this recipe a try and these cookies would become your family’s favourite. And as always , if you use my recipes please send me photos of your creations , it makes me so happy and proud to see them  😊♥️

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