Cottage cheese filled shortcrust pastries.

These petite shortcrust pastries are filled with sweet cottage cheese. They are called sochinki, this name comes from the word “ sok” or juice. Originally these pastries were brushed with juice, hence the name. I couldn’t find a proper English translation, which obviously is hard, as there’s no similar type of pastry in North American cuisine. I came across some variations of translations: some called them scones, others called them cookies and even pancakes?!, but they are neither of those. Or maybe all of the above? 😂

We used to have canteens in every Ukrainian school loooong time ago (I grew up in Ukraine),each day my parents would give me cash to buy myself lunch. Having a sweet tooth from the childhood, these sweet, yummy pastries were an essential part of my daily lunch routine. A glass of fresh cold milk and a “sochnik” for a snack was the food I absolutely adored 😋👍🏻

Fast forward to now. Here we are, only week 2 of school, and I’m already having difficulties with kids lunch ideas. One of my sons wants me to pack same lunch for him over and over and over again. How can he not get tired eating same things on repeat? I am puzzled but at the same time I am laughing from myself, because I am just the same! A creature of habit, who doesn’t mind eating same food on repeat. I really wish he is more adventurous and excited to explore all the amazing, flavourful and tasty foods that the rest of us love🤦🏻‍♀️😆

P.S. surprisingly he was a huge fan of these “new” sweet pastries

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