Cinnamon crinkle cookies

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What is your favourite spice? My all time favourite is cinnamon. No other scent triggers so many positive emotions,in my mind it’s the most delicious spices of all. The smell of cinnamon triggers so many wonderful, and warm childhood memories.
Some studies suggests that smell of cinnamon can improve your memory, I’m not even going to talk about its many health benefits.
Loving this spice so much , I always look forward to use it in baking. Today I am sharing a recipe of these scrumptious, tasty cookies that are loaded with cinnamon. They are so tasty, crunchy from the outside and soft inside, they are also so easy to make! This is one of those times when waiting for the dough to chill and clean dishes afterwards takes you much longer than actually making these cookies.

So if you love cinnamon just as much as do, but also if you would like to try a new incredibly easy cookie recipe, look no further, something tells me- you are going to fall in love with them.

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