Cinnamon buns with maple and cream cheese glaze.

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If I was asked about one food that I could eat daily I’d say that I am dreaming of fresh cinnamon buns.
I don’t think any other food gives me so much joy, so much comfort and happy feeling. When there’s cinnamon buns around my brain stops thinking clearly and my hands just try to reach out to take another one.

I don’t just love eating cinnamon buns I also enjoy making them, it does feel at times that the whole world stops when I’m making them. Magic starts to happen from the moment I put a clean apron on and start kneading the sweet yeast dough by hand, it feels so therapeutic. I wait impatiently to start rolling it out after is rises and I add a good portion of sweet brown sugar and cinnamon mixture and cut the long log into big chubby chunks. When the buns are baking that smell of cinnamon and brown sugar makes me incredibly happy and cozy, it makes me think of childhood and warm weather. When I pour the glaze over warm buns my boys usually stand by my side with the plates and forks while my husband pours cold milk in the glasses.

Seeing the happy faces of my loved ones,and how much the enjoy the soft fluffy buns makes my heart sing.
I made my soft buns with maple and cream cheese glaze this time, though quite often we prefer them with no glaze at all. Are you a team glaze or no glaze when it comes to cinnamon buns?

I know many of you have their awesome, proven with time favourite recipes for cinnamon buns, so I won’t share a recipe today, instead I wrote a recipe for my favourite maple and cream cheese glaze that definitely deserves some love.

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