Christmas Cranberry and Raisin wreath.

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Christmas is just around the corner; my children’s level of excitement is growing by the day and we all can hardly wait for the most magical time of the year. Since the kids will be out of school for the holidays, we have a lot of activities planned. We will ski, skate, have movie nights, meet with friends, bake our family favourites, and enjoy great food.

Many of us have special holiday baking traditions and I suggest you add this recipe to your Christmas plans. It’s a beautiful Cranberry and Raisin wreath, made even more special using a selection of local and sustainable ingredients from Grainworks in Alberta.

This family-owned business mills all their flours to order, on a traditional stone mill and they do not use any additives, blending agents, nor preservatives. The quality of their products is impeccable, I was very proud to use organic unbleached flour, organic cane sugar and even organic raisins. It was such a joy to use these amazing ingredients which made the result even better than I could have imagined! 

Just imagine a very soft sweet bread that is like a cloud, with a wonderful aroma of fresh bread from the kitchen and imagine your loved one’s smiles from ear to ear when they see this irresistible wreath, and then imagine sitting with everyone around the table, pulling this tasty wreath apart and being able to share the taste with everyone at that special moment. This aromatic wreath is everything I’m describing and even more. Believe me when I say that it’s very hard to not fall in love with freshly made, soft and festive Christmas Wreath. 

To order from Grainworks, visit their website at

Watch a video below to see how I form my Christmas Cranberry and Raisin wreath.

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