Bunnies in the garden or Easter cake for my boys.

I talked in my previous post about two Easter holidays being celebrated in my house. While for orthodox Easter which is a month away I usually bake traditional sweet Easter bread (somewhat similar to Panettone), the choice for Catholic Easter treat is usually given to my boys.
I always ask them to give me an idea, and I make sure to make it happen.
To my kids Easter is about bunnies, and lots of chocolate, so they asked me to make something that would have a bunny and a chocolate in it 🐰🍫

I decided to make this ultra chocolate Raised Garden Cake with sweet veggies and a big bunny family. This cake features my moist decadent chocolate cake, light cream cheese frosting and lots of chocolate as a decoration. All details around and on top of the cake are made out of fondant. It took me soooo long to make bunny faces, they were the hardest to make🤦🏻‍♀️. I was trying over and over again but instead of cute bunny faces I had cat faces, weird faces, angry faces, and some other faces of unknown creatures 😂😂 until I finally managed to make them bunny like🐰

Photos don’t do this cake justice, so I’m also posting a video for a closer look! ☺️

Happy Tuesday guys, have a great and productive week♥️🥰💐☀️

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