Black cocoa Bundt cake.

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Today I want to share a recipe of my black Bundt cake, since I got quite a few requests for it. It has such an intense, dramatic dark colour thanks to the black cocoa powder I was using in this recipe.

Black cocoa powder tastes a bit different compared to a regular cocoa powder. It has more strong, more rich flavour. black cocoa powder has almost no fat, so the cake might be a little drier than you’d expect. If you decide on using black cocoa powder for this recipe, I suggest wrapping the Bundt cake after it is baked in a plastic food wrap while it’s still warm and let it cool completely on the countertop, it will become more moist.

This is a very simple recipe, easy to make, quick and no fuss, there’s no need to take your big bulky mixer out, all you will need is a few medium sized bowls and a whisk. If you crave a slice of tasty cake to go with your coffee or tea, but don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen baking, I got a perfect recipe just for that!

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