Biscuits with filling

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I am so thrilled to share a recipe for these cool looking biscuits with filling. They remind me of unopened tulips buds, super cute , very unusual. Even though you might think they are super hard to shape, watch my video tutorial where I show you how I shape them, and I’m sure you’ll nail this shape too! If you want to impress your loved ones, these beautiful biscuits will definitely bring that wow factor!

What I love about these biscuits, apart from their look, they can be different each time you make them, and what I mean is that each time you can use different sweet filling! For my biscuits here I’ve used a mixed of crushed roasted walnuts and leftovers of the apricot jam I’ve had after making my petite hand pies. You can get adventurous and create your own dream filling, just make sure to make a filling that is thick, otherwise you risk having it leaked while baking.
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Happy baking ♥️♥️

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