Birthday cake with fresh flowers.

Do you name your cakes? Interesting fact- European cakes have names. There’s probably hundreds of different names, like Napoleon, Bumblebee flight, Spartak, Birds milk, Ant hill,and so many more…
My mom for example when someone would give her a cake recipe named that cake after that person, so we were baking cakes called Olga, Tatyana and Natalia.
If I were to think of a name for this cake, I’d call it a Strawberry delight or even Summer elegance.
Even though it weighs a whopping 8 kg, It looks absolutely elegant and beautiful.
This is by far my biggest single tier cake. 4 layers of Japanese vanilla sponge cake, fresh strawberry filling, delicious cream cheese frosting. Decorated with fresh flowers, macarons and golden accents.
I made this birthday cake hoping that everyone who would share a piece of it, would really enjoy a taste of this light and delicious summer treat. ❤️❤️

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