Back to school cake

This had been the longest spring break ever, my boys are finally going back to school a few days from now. They are excited, they can hardly wait and they are counting sleeps until they are back.
Going back to school is a huge event these days( who would’ve thought🤷🏻‍♀️) and a special event requires a special dessert to celebrate.
This is a surprise “Back to school” cake for my boys, who are going to grade 2 and grade 1. I’ve made their favourite dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate cream cheese frosting, cake is covered in fondant and all the details are edible and made out of fondant.
I am so glad I’ve actually managed to keep this cake a secret until the last minute, seeing so much happiness on their faces is absolutely priceless.
Let’s hope this school year is way better, even though it might be weird and hard at first.
I hope my boys and all kids out there will have fun, make friends, learn some amazing things, explore and enjoy every moment of their time at school❤️🌟🍁🎈

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