Hello and welcome!

I am Olga, a face behind the blog. A blog, where Iwill be sharing photos of all sweet treats baked by me, I will share some of my most favourite recipes ans

Food was always a big passion of mine. For as long as I remember myself, I always enjoyed cooking and baking, I was my mom’s big helper during each meal preparation and together we were creating magic in our little kitchen. I baked my first pie when I was about 7 and I baked multilayered Napoleon cake when I was 11, which I was super proud of.

I believe that food should be not just delicious and enjoyable, but it also has to look amazing. We fall in love with food when it is presented to us, and that first impression is so important, don’t you think? We may not even know how a particular dish tastes like, but when it looks incredibly appetizing, it makes you crave it. That is why I pay a lot of attention when it comes to presentation. I bake all things delicious and I make them look beautiful and appetizing.

My goal is to test and try as many amazing desserts as possible, you will always see a different dessert, and hopefully learn something new.

If you want to see more dessert photos, or connect, visit me on Instagram @cake_oli_cious or send me a message, I would love to hear from you.

With warmest regards, from beautiful British Columbia,