Birthday surprise bake off for a sweet friend.

I was so looking forward to today, because today is the day to celebrate an extraordinary woman. I’m celebrating you my beautiful, sweetest, incredible, loving, talented, funny, supportive, affectionate, sincere, caring Aina @miss.cookit 💐🥰🤩🍾🎊 . Happy birthday my swetheart. I’m wishing you lots of happiness, lots of health and lots of joy. May all your dreams come true! ⭐️♥️♥️❤️🤞🏻
I truly couldn’t be more happy, more proud and more lucky to call you my friend!
Together with sweet Marina we decided to make your birthday so much more special and create a surprise birthday collab just for you. I know you’ll enjoy and you’ll be so touched 😭to see all these wonderful creations your amazing friends came up with using your recipes.
I baked not one but two cakes to celebrate you 😃. My first super fun bright cake is actually made out of the cinnamon buns. I used cinnamon bun recipe you make for your husband every time you have to travel alone. I thought that shaping it as a cake would be extra special, and super fun too. Its decorated with raspberry cream cheese frosting, fresh flowers and extra berries, there’s also a candle which I wish you could’ve blown yourself! This cake bright and cheerful just as you are.

My second cake is the birthday cake you baked last year for yourself, it has chocolate layers and super scrumptious nutty meringue layer. I decorated it with two hearts, to show my love, that is coming from my heart to yours.
Enjoy your special day darling, you are so loved! ♥️♥️♥️💐🥰⭐️🎊🍾😘🎉🎂🥳🎈